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Apr 10, 2013

Hey, y’all! 
This weekend was the annual music festival, the Rites of Spring, and the carnival, Rites to Play, in which Rhodes hosted local kids for an afternoon of fun on campus! 

Unfortunately, I was out of town for a music audition with my professors and a few others in the music department, so I was unable to be here for these festivities, but please enjoy these pictures courtesy of fellow student Sean Denby! If you’re interested in seeing more photos of Rites to Play, check out the slideshow on the Rhodes website.

Reasons why I love Rhodes:Our library’s staplers not only have names, but elaborate backstories.
Apr 9, 2013 / 29 notes

Reasons why I love Rhodes:
Our library’s staplers not only have names, but elaborate backstories.

Apr 5, 2013 / 1 note

Since I stayed at school over the long weekend for Easter break, those of us who were still in Memphis got the chance to check out some local restaurants, and this one, 3 Angels Diner was definitely my favorite.
It’s located in the Arts District on Broad Avenue and features the artwork of Memphis artists, as well as locally grown and produced foods. I would recommend the Adult Grilled Cheese (pictured above)!

Apr 2, 2013

On Rhodes Singers Tour

Each year, the Rhodes Singers go on a brief regional tour, and this year, our destination was New Orleans, with a few stops in other Louisiana towns. Being a freshman, I had no idea what to expect of tour, but I was incredibly pleased, both with our performances, and with the family-like quality that the group gained with this trip. 
Our first performance was right across the street from campus at Evergreen in collaboration with Otterbein University’s choir, who was at the end of their own tour. After a performance at Louisiana Tech University, we were received with great hospitality and encouragement in Mandeville at one of our member’s home churches. It was this concert in the little lake-side town of Mandeville where we became especially close. In our pre-concert tradition, we gathered in a circle and shared what our hopes were for the upcoming performance, and for the trip as a whole. Though we had been anxious, as this would be our first concert without another group performing alongside us, our growing friendships made for a great night, for the audience, and especially for us as a chorus.
imagePhoto Courtesy of Ye Zheng

Finally, we made it to New Orleans, and our ensemble’s president Carolyn hosted us at her home for brunch, then we were able to spend the remainder of the day exploring the city and enjoying the company of fellow singers. I was lucky to be with a friend who’s very familiar with NOLA, as it was the first time I’d been there. :)

St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans

imagePausing for a picture in the city

imageThe Congo Square Music Festival in the Louis Armstrong Park

Sunday morning, we began our day with a performance at a nearby Episcopal church and were hosted after the service by President and Mrs. Troutt in their New Orleans home for King Cake and a tour of the historic neighborhood. The trip ended with a bang—we had our final performance at another student’s church, and proved to ourselves that we were able to have a wonderful day despite exhaustion from traveling, and the stresses of school which were on our minds. 
imageDelicious King cake at the Troutt’s home

Overall, tour was a huge success. We became so much closer as a group, got to visit a new region, and had the joy of sharing our music with those outside of the Rhodes College community. If you have any interest in singing and the social aspect of music performance, I would highly recommend Rhodes Singers or any of our music ensembles!

imageRelaxing at the Troutt’s home before our final performance (Photo courtesy of Emma Gotbaum)

Mar 11, 2013 / 2 notes

Well, it looks as though some signs of spring are upon us. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and this week is Spring Recess at Rhodes!

Enjoy the sights of spring on our lovely campus, and to all you prospective students: have a great spring break, though it’ll probably be spent touring colleges if it was anything like mine! :)

Mar 7, 2013 / 1 note

Tonight is the annual Battle of the Bands in the Lair, where student groups compete for one of the coveted spots in this year’s Rites of Spring concert series, and the event is a fun break from the stress of midterms.

above: student collaboration Phlyers X Hundredz, below: Fox Wedding

Feb 26, 2013 / 4 notes

I made my way (a short walk across Parkway) to Overton park this past weekend, and though everything is pretty beige and wintery at the moment, please enjoy fellow student, Amaris Prechtel’s photos from earlier in the school year.
Walking through Overton, you have to remind yourself that you’re in a big city—there are tons of hiking trails, and a wider path which is used by many runners, as well as picnic and playground areas for families. The entire (342 acre) plot of land is covered with trees that are especially beautiful in the spring and fall. Since Rhodes is an arboretum, we are spoiled here with the beauty of the nature on campus, but it’s always nice to get off campus and into nature, and with Overton park so readily accessible, it’s easy to escape the stress of mid-terms and take a walk when the weather’s nice. 
The Brooks Museum and the Memphis Zoo are both located right next to the park, so those are also easily accessible (and Rhodes students get a discount for the zoo on Tuesdays)!
Another added bonus: lots of Memphians walk their dogs in Overton, so there’s a large probability that you’ll get puppy time if you’re missing your own dog :)

Feb 18, 2013 / 1 note

Friday night was an exciting night of Rhodes vs. Sewanee basketball games! The evening began with the Rhodes Jazz ensemble playing with  special guest, President Troutt. Additionally, it was Senior night, so the families of Rhodes basketball players were all introduced and the seniors in particular were honored for the talents they have brought to our basketball teams for the past three years. The Lady Lynx, followed by the Men’s basketball team both played exciting games with the support of their fellow Lynx’s cheering them on in the stands.

Feb 16, 2013 / 7 notes

Located a short drive from Rhodes campus is the well-loved and always delicious Bar-B-Q Shop. I first visited there over parents weekend, and it’s a favorite for many Rhodes students, for good reason. 

The walls are a lovely shade of pink, and the pig-themed decor was carefully selected to match the restaurant’s house barbecue sauce bottles, but what stands out to me as a vegetarian is their menu’s inclusion of a vegetarian BBQ sandwich! My expectations were low when I first ordered it, but it’s seriously awesome.

That being said, I can’t speak for their actual barbecue, but based on the reactions of my friends, I’d say it’s a pretty great. Besides, it sure beats my usual options at barbecue restaurants: grilled cheese or a strange combination of all the side dishes on the menu. :)

I’ve never personally tried it, but the Bar-B-Q Shop is also known for their Barbecue Spaghetti. Another bizarre BBQ favorite in Memphis? Barbecue Nachos from Central! But more on that later…

Jan 27, 2013

On Acorns and Arboretums

As I was walking around campus this morning, I noticed a slightly different crunch than the sound of a crisp leaf under my shoes, and looked down to see a variety of differently sized and shaped acorns scattering the sidewalk. This of course, reminded me of a fun fact about Rhodes that I only recently found out: our campus is an arboretum! 

Rhodes has been given many awards over the years relating to the beauty of our campus, and upon stepping onto campus, there is somewhat of a canopy of branches and leaves that provide shade and make for very, very happy squirrels. 

During Parent’s Weekend this year, many of those who visited (including my own parents) went on the Arboretum tour of Rhodes, and learned of the many varieties of trees providing shade and beauty to our campus, as well as the Southern Literary Garden on campus. [I wasn’t sure what that meant at first, either. It has lots of plants that are mentioned in literature written by southern authors. Such a neat idea, right?]

For me, the beauty of the school, due in large part to all the wonderful trees, was a huge part of why Rhodes was so appealing to me. It can be easy to take them for granted, but our campus is truly a beautiful sanctuary in the middle of a large city.